Everything You Need to Know About Taking the Perfect Engagement Photos

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Did you know that there’s an art to taking the perfect engagement photos?

It’s not as easy as just picking a spot and snapping a pic. 

There are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want your engagement photos to be Instagram-worthy. 

So, whether you’re just starting to plan your photo session or you’re well underway, read on for everything you need to know about taking great engagement photos.

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How to Pose for Engagement Photos

There are no hard and fast rules for posing for the cutest engagement photos. Every couple is unique, too, with everyone wanting to capture that one-of-a-kind, memorable flair for the perfect shot of one of the happiest moments of their lives. 

Thinking about your desired pose before meeting with your photographer is always a great idea. If you’re camera-shy, you can even practice with your partner ahead of the photo session, so you get the exact shot you’re looking for. 

Once you have a pose in mind and an inspirational photo emailed to your photographer in advance, you’ll be more than ready to go. 

Best Couple Poses

Wondering how to pose for engagement photos? Here are some of the best couple poses to get you started.

Holding Hands

Holding your partner’s hand seems rather too cliche to capture that unique flair of your engagement. However, there are plenty of ways to take the affectionate feeling of holding your partner’s hand and make it your own. 

One-foot-up Pose

Another pose to stand the test of time is the one-foot-up pose. Play around with ideas and find an angle that brings you the most joy.

The Silly or Playful Pose

Being silly and playful is a great way for couples who feel camera-shy to ease into the photo session. Simply take away every distraction in your surroundings and be in the moment like no one’s watching.

Gazing into Your Partner’s Eyes

To truly escape your surroundings, gaze deep into your partner’s eyes. You can even make it into a staring contest or lie on the floor for that extra spin.

Light Kissing on the Forehead or Lips

Lightly kissing your partner is always a sure way to take away any cold-feet feelings. You can even have the photographer capture the moment right before you kiss.

Not-too-fancy Poses while Smiling, Walking, Picnicking, or Stay-in

The best couple poses are when you’re lost in the moment, doing everyday things like smiling, walking, picnicking, or even staying in. It doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture to stand out.

Do the Nose-to-nose, Back-to-front, Side-by-side, and so on

While scrolling through Pinterest and other social media sites, you’ll definitely see plenty of recurring poses that couples have taken the time to master over the years. However, you can always add a slight twist that makes it unique to you. 

For instance, you could pose nose-to-nose, your hands gently holding your partner’s face. 

You could place your hand on your partner’s cheek, on their chest, or over their shoulder as you pose side-by-side. 

Or, you could place your arm around the neck of your fiancee or snuggle them from the back as you pose back-to-front. 

Do the Dip

“The dip” is a popular classic pose from the dancing world that almost always works for engagement photos, and even though it’s been around for decades, couples still find ways to make it their own.

Ring Shots

And lastly, you’re celebrating your engagement, so why not consider the “ring shot” pose? The best thing about this pose is that there are tons of inspiring ideas to focus on the ring, so feel free to explore something new.

There are countless ways to capture affectionate images with your partner. All it takes is finding the most comfortable pose that works best for you. 

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Clothing is an important part of your engagement photo session. They can make you stand out from the crowd. However, you still want the star of the show to be you and your partner. 

Tips for What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Now that you know how to pose for your engagement photos, the next thing is to decide what to wear for the shoot. I’ve got some tips for you, so let’s dive right in.

Colors and Prints: Wear Something Soothing

You don’t want to wear clothes that take the spotlight away from you. Our tip is to wear something soothing, soft, and subtle. The colors blue, yellow, light green, or other neutral colors are great classics and are the most flattering. 

If one person wears a black and white outfit, then the other can wear a pop of color to give that “wow” effect. However, too vibrant or too brightly colored outfits could reflect back in the sun. A good strategy is to limit vibrant colors to accessories or have the camera take the photo at a farther distance.

Also, you may want to avoid any designs with stripes or polka dots. Otherwise, the photo will draw people’s eyes away when you want a particular focus to take center stage: you and your fiance. 

Comfort is Key

It’s easy to want to buy something new and expensive for your engagement photo session. However, remember that you’re the star of the show and not what you wear. This doesn’t mean that you can wear your sweatshirt or yoga pants. 

You do want to look good – like the best version of yourself. Your personality should shine through. But, at the same time, you want to feel comfortable when you take the shot, so perhaps wear something great that you have worn before.

Coordinate Your Outfits, and with the Style and Backdrops You Choose

The purpose of your engagement photo session is to capture a moment between couples. So your outfits should coordinate with one another, too. Coordinating outfits doesn’t mean that you dress up in matchy-matchy colors. However, it means the outfits should not clash with one another, say by wearing mixed patterns. 

Overall, the photo should look cohesive with the help of a color palette to choose colors that marry well with one another. Also, the clothes you wear should blend well with the style and backdrop you choose. 

What a Man Should Wear for Engagement Photos

What a man should wear for engagement photos depends on several factors, including the style you’re going for, the weather, and even what your partner will be wearing. Here are some ideas to consider.

Camel Coat

Camel coats are great for coordinating with most of the outfits your partner may choose. Plus, in the case of unpredictable weather, they can help shield you from the cold. You can pair it with a crisp black or white tee to complete the look.

Leather Jacket

You can spice up your look with edgier leather jackets that never go out of style. Plus, it’s enough of a statement to simply pair it with a toned-down white or black tee.


Denim is great for when you’re going for an edgy look without being too edgy. Whether a simple jean jacket or pants, this will fit perfectly in a casual, everyday setting. If you choose denim pants, a classic look is to pair them up with a pullover sweater or a blazer.


An almost safe choice is to wear a tuxedo or a suit. But however safe a choice it is, let’s face it, tuxedos and suits always look good in almost any setting.

Show Off Your Personal Style

The sky’s the limit on what you wear for your engagement photos. So if any of these options don’t tickle your fancy, feel free to bring out the best version of yourself with your unique individual styling. Feel free to explore all options, from Hawaiian shirts to matching flannels to printed button-down shirts, provided that your partner tones down to avoid clashing outfits.

Most Popular Engagement Photo Themes

On to popular engagement photo themes, which is the final consideration you’ll need to make. It’s the remaining aspect that will give you a sense of direction in the exact photo you’re looking for. That said, choosing your engagement theme can be stressful. 

You might want to do something relaxed, like in your own home, that adds a personal touch to your engagement photo. Or you could want an over-the-top setting to create a unique, memorable moment marking your engagement. 

I’ll make things easier for you and explore some of the most popular engagement photo themes most couples prefer.

Seasonal Themes (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

The best way to take advantage of moments in time is to curate your engagement photos around a specific season. 

If you choose spring or fall, you’re likely to find locations with beautiful fall foliage. However, winter or summer may present unbearable humidity and temperatures. Still, there are clever ways to capture the beauty of each session. 

For instance, fall is great for capturing the blue skies and the golden autumn leaves.

For winter, the snowy landscapes make gorgeous backdrops with lots of ideas like dancing in the snow, hiking trails, snow fights, or holding each other close in chilly weather.

Spring is all things warm sunlight, blossoming flowers, and fresh greenery.

And summer is always the best time to head to the beach.

Beach Engagement Photos

During summer, the beach is beaming with romantic waves and natural beauty, especially at sunrise or sunset. If you time the “golden hour,” which is an hour or two before the sun sets or rises, you can capture a dream-like backdrop with you and your fiance as the centerpiece.

Funny Engagement Photos

Funny engagement photos are also a popular go-to theme for couples who want to let loose and have fun. For this theme, you have the freedom to curate a memorable experience however you’d like, whether with props or by reenacting a lighthearted moment from your past.

City Engagement Photos

If you’re a city couple, why not find a stunning backdrop within all the chaos for your engagement photo? Perhaps you have the Golden Gate bridge as your backdrop or one from your dream destination. You could even find a city theme marking the spot where you first met.


There is no right or wrong with taking the perfect engagement photo. Plenty of poses, clothing, and themes have been tried, with each couple finding ways to create their unique experience. 

Before deciding how you’ll take your engagement photo, consider your personal style, memorable stories, and past experiences, and communicate them to your photographer. You may also find inspiring images of something similar to what you want for their reference. Above all, let loose, have fun, and don’t be afraid to get lost in awe of it all.


What should you not wear for engagement photos?

You should not wear “busy” outfits with loud prints, logos, or anything that looks out of place. Also, avoid wearing brightly colored pieces, matching clothes, trendy outfits, laid-back outfits like sweatshirts or yoga pants, or over-dressing.

What color should you wear for engagement photos?

You should wear neutral colors for engagement photos that are soft, subtle, and soothing. These include blue, yellow, light green, or other neutral colors, which are great classics and most flattering. If you wear bland colors like black or white, you could wear a vibrant piece or accessory to avoid dullness.

What month is best for engagement photos?

Any month in summer is the best for engagement photos. You’ll be less likely to have to deal with extreme humidity, and your photos will come out looking warm and bright.

What time is the best time to take engagement photos?

It’s best to take engagement photos during the “golden hour,” which is an hour or two before the sun sets or rises. Otherwise, early morning or evening is great for capturing the warm sunrise and sunset natural light.

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