21 Amazing Wedding Pinterest Accounts You Can Steal Your Best Ideas From

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Are you planning a wedding and feeling overwhelmed? 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Pinterest is a great resource for finding inspiration, and there are tons of amazing wedding accounts to get ideas from. Here are 21 of my favorites. 

Happy Pinning!

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21 Best Wedding Pinterest Accounts to Follow Right Now for Inspiration

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. Here are 21 Pinterest accounts with the best wedding planning ideas to help ease the hassle for you.

Southern Weddings Magazine: Southern-Themed Weddings

The South has some of the richest wedding cultural nuances in the United States. From bridal luncheons to second lines and cake ribbon pulls, there’s a lot to admire about a southern-themed wedding. So, Pinterest accounts like Southern Wedding Magazine exist solely to get you up to speed on all things southern weddings.

The Southern Wedding Magazine Pinterest account boasts a staggering 4.6 million monthly views. The account is full of beautiful images of real weddings that can give you ideas for wedding dresses, venues, and decor. It also links to the Southern Weddings Magazine blog, which details how to get the perfect southern wedding.

Chic Vintage Brides: Vintage Wedding Ideas

Forget modern weddings, vintage is the new chic, and no Pinterest account knows this better than Chic Vintage Brides. If you are a soon-to-be bride and modernity doesn’t cut it for your wedding theme, Chic Vintage Brides is a must-visit Pinterest account. 

This account, which has at least 974,000 monthly visits, is full of creative boards with insight on how to plan that perfect vintage wedding. 

You can get ideas for the ideal vintage wedding dresses, ideas for vintage-looking venues, vintage hair and makeup inspiration, and even DIY ideas for making your special day as timeless and romantic as possible.

The Mrs.Box: Wedding Fashion and Accessories

The Mrs. Box is one of the most glamorous Pinterest accounts for wedding fashion. The account is more of a portfolio for the phenomenal stylist Summer Watkins, whose designer engagement ring boxes are to die for. 

The account is a wedding paradise for all the fashionable wedding ring ideas, but you can also find one or two inspiration pieces for wedding dresses, shoes, and accessories. What’s even better is that the page is a verified Pinterest merchant, so you can instantly buy whatever catches your eye.

One Fab Day: Real Wedding Inspiration

One Fab Day is the kind of Pinterest account that puts the happy in happy-ever-after. This fantastic page is the home of real wedding inspiration, with 10 million monthly followers to show for it. 

When you land on One Fab Day, everything you thought you could find for a wedding pops up on your screen. In crisp, catchy photography, One Fab Day lets you explore pin after pin of stunning wedding outfits for brides, grooms, and their bridal teams. You get to see suggestions on the best makeup items for a wedding. To top it off, you get brilliant DIY ideas for garlands and floral decor to make your special day as beautiful as possible.

Swooned Magazine: All-In-One Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding can be hectic, and you may not have enough time to go through dozens of Pinterest accounts looking for ideas. So, a one-stop shop for wedding inspiration, like Swooned Magazine, is an absolute must-have. 

Swooned Magazine’s Pinterest account is littered with mind-blowing wedding ideas for just about everything. Do you want wedding dress inspiration? Are you a little stuck on decor? Could you use some help with the wedding cake and invitation cards? Whatever it is, as long as it can appear at weddings, Swooned magazine has you covered.

Broke-Ass Bride: Low-Budget Wedding Ideas

Falling short on cash doesn’t mean you can’t have your magical wedding. Broke-Ass Bride is a Pinterest account that reminds you that you can still wed Prince Charming, even without a princess-like bank account.

With at least 29,000 monthly visitors, Broke-Ass Brides delivers on its promise of a less costly wedding budget. The account has resourceful pins on wedding hacks to help you spend less and get more for your wedding. 

MagnoliaRouge: Elegant Wedding Ideas

For brides and wedding planners who’d like an elegant wedding, Magnolia Rouge is the Pinterest account for you. The page treats weddings as fine art and leaves no stone unturned where gracefulness and style are concerned. 

Every month, at least 7 million people visit MagnoliaRouge for elegant wedding inspiration. This oscillates from charming wedding dress designs to elegant ribbon-bound bouquets, handwritten invitation card ideas, venue set-up, and decor. 

BHLDN Weddings: Simple Stunning Wedding Dress Ideas

BHLDN Weddings has some of the most dazzling wedding dress ideas on Pinterest. This page features stunning yet simple wedding dresses. It is perfect for a bride who wants to look immaculate and classy on her big day. 

The page has at least 10 million views every month, so you can rest assured they have some amazing ideas. On top of that, BHLDN weddings have pins titled Bridal Ballot and Trends Report. The Bridal Ballot and Trends Report lead to the top-voted wedding dress and veil ideas on the page and give details on each. These pins are an easier way to sift through the tons of photos on BHLDN Weddings.

B’LOVED Blog: Colorful Wedding Ideas

B’Loved is a beloved Pinterest wedding account with almost 4 million monthly visits, and it’s easy to see why. This page is home to some of the most colorful wedding outfits, decor, floral, invitation, and decor ideas. 

The account sprawls with captivating photos full of inspiration for the perfect wedding. From black and pink wedding dresses to colorful monochromatic bouquets and impressive-looking wedding cakes, B’LovedB’Loved is the place to find exactly what you need for a picture-perfect wedding.

Colin Cowie Wedding: Lavish Wedding Ideas

Lavish Pinterest wedding ideas don’t get any more extravagant than they do on the Colin Cowie Wedding page. The page is the work of event planning extraordinaire Colin Cowie, and I can assure you it doesn’t disappoint. 

Colin Cowie Weddings goes all in to ensure wedding planners or soon-to-be newlyweds have all they need to plan a grand wedding. Largesse is not something this page shies away from. From giant-size wedding cakes to wedding gowns worthy of the front pages of leading bridal magazines, Colin Cowie Wedding redefines fancy weddings.

Ruffled Blog: Simple Modern Wedding Ideas

A modern wedding doesn’t always mean a fancy wedding. Modern can be simple, which is precisely what the Ruffled Blog shows its 10 million monthly visitors. 

When you visit this Pinterest account, you instantly get that warm feeling of an effortlessly adorable wedding. Tear-inspiring wedding dresses, nicely set up monochromatic roses, cute page boys and flower girls, intimate wedding venues; it’s all there to explore. 

Offbeat Bride: Unconventional Wedding Ideas

When you come across a Pinterest account whose slogan is “Altar your thinking,” you know you’re in for an unconventional ride. That is what Offbeat Brides is all about. This account has some of the most interesting and unconventional wedding ideas on Pinterest.

Offbeat Bride keeps its 10 million monthly visitors glued to the account with unique ideas on all things wedding. This is also the page where you can find inspiration for gay weddings, gothic-themed weddings, and Game of Thrones-Themed weddings; there isn’t a dull moment for wedding planners and brides who rely on the Offbeat Bride Pinterest Account. 

Bridal Musings: Classy Wedding Inspiration

Does the idea of a wedding dress similar to the one worn by Princess Diana capture your interest? If it does, Bridal Musing should be at the top of your Pinterest Search History tab. This page is all about couples who want every bit of class as they get to say “I do.” 

For its roughly 10 million monthly subscribers, Bridal Musing is where they get to muse over traditionally-modern bridal hair and makeup ideas, neo-traditional wedding gowns, and venue decor that comes with a unique twist.

The Big Fat Indian Wedding: South Asian-Themed Weddings

The Big Fat Indian Wedding Pinterest Account is a unique wedding inspiration account. While most other accounts focus on the usual white-gown, down-the-aisle weddings, this fun-filled account dives deep into South Asian-themed weddings and is extraordinarily superb at it. 

Flashy saris, colorful lehengas, and beautifully adorned brides, The Big Fat Indian Wedding captures all you need for a remarkable South Asian-themed wedding.

The Pretty Blog: DIY Wedding Inspiration

For craft-related wedding ideas, I recommend you try The Pretty Blog. Although it doesn’t entirely focus on weddings, this account has a ton of DIY designs that can come in handy when planning a wedding. The best ideas you can get on The Pretty Blog are wedding invite designs, decor, and makeup.

Rebel Belle Weddings: Inspiration For Geeky Weddings

In my quest to find you a worthwhile Pinterest wedding inspiration account, I stumbled across Rebel Belle Weddings and instantly fell in love. This Pinterest page is a paradise for soon-to-be newlyweds who consider themselves geeks or nerds. 

Rebel Belle Weddings has crazy, awesome ideas that will leave your bridal team impressed and in stitches because of how insanely clever and funny they are. With boards on Star Wars and Doctor Who-themed weddings, Rebel Belle Wedding is an exciting add-on to your Pinterest wedding inspiration alternatives. 

Green Wedding Shoes: Complete Wedding Planning Guide

Green Wedding Shoes is your wedding planning bible. The account has a little bit of everything that makes the perfect day for your nuptials. Drawing inspiration from picturesque weddings worldwide, Green Wedding Shoes offers its 10 million monthly views the best bachelorette party inspiration, wedding dress and decor ideas, wedding gifts, accessories, cake, and venue suggestions. 

Wedding Inspirasi: Best Wedding Dress Ideas

Fancy wedding dress ideas live on Wedding Inspirasi. If you hit a dead end on the kind of wedding dress you want, this is the page to visit. Wedding Inspirasi features a host of elegant, awe-inspiring wedding dresses for any bride. 

This page has everything from ball gowns to sleek satins, crafty lace designs, stylish charmeuse, and fabulous organzas. Simply put, Wedding Inspirasi is an inspiration treasure chest for the perfect wedding dress. 

Bespoke Bride: Theme Color Ideas

These colors are often a nightmare when planning a wedding. Identifying the right color-blend that isn’t too much or too little is no easy feat. But, Bespoke Bride can give you a head start on all that. 

With close to 6 million monthly visits, you can rest assured that Bespoke Bride knows its color palette well enough. So, you should consider reviewing the posts on this page to help you whip up those amazing shades for that upcoming wedding.

Martha Stewart Weddings: Chic Wedding Planning Ideas

Martha Stewart Weddings, the Pinterest page associated with savvy TV personality Martha Stewart, is another go-to wedding planning Pinterest page. This page is an absolute lifesaver for brides who have no idea where to start with planning for their wedding. 

The Martha Stewart Wedding Page is chic and savvy, offering all kinds of modern wedding planning ideas. The wedding gown inspiration on this page is jaw-dropping, the floral designs are heavenly, the cakes featured are too good to be true, and the venue set-ups are all you could ever ask for. 

Disney weddings

Nothing spices up a fairytale wedding better than a dash of Disney magic. If you can’t imagine what this would be like, the Disney Weddings Pinterest page is there to show you. It turns out you can hold your wedding in Disney Land and get all the perks that come with marrying your prince charming in this magical land.

Think about a carriage ride to your wedding venue, photoshoots in all the theme parks, dashing castles scattered in the background, and fireworks flying as you say I do. Whatever your wildest Disney wedding imagination is, Disney Weddings can give you tips on how to set it up. 

Pinterest Has All You Need To Plan A Dream Wedding

Pinterest has so many wonderful accounts that have all the wedding inspiration you need for a dream wedding, and I hope that the 21 accounts I gave you in this article will do the trick. 

If you get the chance, please share this article with someone else who may need to see it. You never know whose dream wedding you might make come true.

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