21 Incredible Wedding Instagram Accounts that Share the Best Ideas

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Looking for wedding inspiration? 

Check out these 21 incredible wedding Instagram accounts. From ideas for your dress to tips for your ceremony, these accounts have everything you need to plan the perfect wedding. 

So whether you’re just getting started or are almost ready to say “I do,” be sure to follow these accounts for tons of amazing ideas.

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21 Best Wedding Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now for Inspiration

You don’t have to figure out every minute wedding detail from the top of your head. Here are 21 Instagram accounts to follow for the best wedding inspiration and ideas.

Riley & Grey: Laid Back Wedding Fashion

For some people, weddings aren’t all about the glam. In fact, many people love the idea of an unconventional wedding. These are the kind of people that Riley & Grey target on Instagram.

With 34,000 followers, this page is the ultimate inspiration for laid-back wedding fashion. Through their 1400 posts, Riley & Grey offers impressive ideas for nail art, jewelry, cakes, and wedding dresses to brides, event planners, and wedding photographers who like a bit of an edge. 

Kenzie Victory: Simple Wedding Photography

Photos are the best way to freeze a moment in time. So, if you’d like your wedding day memories frozen in a simple and captivating style, you need to check out Kenzie Victory’s Instagram page. 

This monochrome-white-themed page has over 18,500 followers and at least 979 intriguingly simple yet outstanding photos. This page can give booth brides and professionals brilliant ideas for a wedding photoshoot.

David Stark Design: Perfect Wedding Decor

Finding the perfect wedding decor can be exhausting. There are many things to consider, from flower arrangements to color schemes and decor pieces. But, with a page like David Stark Design, you are certain that your wedding decor hunt will be easy and yield outstanding results.

David Stark Design is a leading event organizing team. Their Instagram page has about 53,000 followers and a stunning 4600 posts full of wedding decor bliss. The page is also Instagram verified, so you are certain that the ideas posted there are as legit as they are magical.

DetailsJeannie: Luxurious Wedding Decor

If you want glamorous floral decor or ideas for a stunning wedding venue, Jeannie Young Savage’s page, DetailsJeannie, should be your next stop from here. Jeannie Savage is an extremely talented luxury event organizer whose Instagram page is to die for. 

The page has at least 84,000 followers and 2700 posts of absolute nuptial extravagance. Anything that screams fancy wedding decor is available on this page. From custom pergolas, floral backdrops, and ice displays, it’s all there for soon-to-be newly-weds and other creatives who may need some inspiration

Amsale: Wedding Dress Inspiration

Brides and bridesmaids can get amazing wedding dress ideas from Amsale. The Instagram page boasts 111,000 followers and gives you all the wedding dress inspiration you need. As you run through the roughly 2800 posts, you get to see it all, from flaring ball-gown wedding dresses to intricately designed floral pieces. 

The best part about Amsale is that you can also order the wedding gowns posted. The page belongs to a renowned wedding dress designer who makes most of the gowns you will see. So, if you spot something you like, it’s only a direct message away.

MensVows: Gay Wedding Planning

Many Instagram wedding pages focus on feminine-oriented wedding ideas. But, MensVows is the exact opposite. This page gives all the inspiration for grooms or groomsmen to plan the perfect gay wedding. 

The page has at least 151,000 followers and allows you to scroll through love photos full of wedding outfit ideas, photoshoot poses, and wedding vow ideas. What’s more about MensVows is it posts inspirational wedding stories and wonderful advice on how to plan a gay wedding.

The Venue Report: Exotic Wedding Venues

Are you having a destination wedding or simply looking for an exotic location for your wedding party? It doesn’t matter once you get on The Venue Report because the page has all you need in terms of wedding venues.

Close to 148,000 people follow this page for wedding venue ideas. The Venue Report has a collection of 4100 catchy images for different wedding venues and links to some of the venues. 

PhotosBy Reem: Glamorous Wedding Photography

Another impressive Instagram page full of glamorous wedding photography is PhotosByReem. This professional wedding photography agent has had some of their wedding photos gracing the pages of Vogue, Essence, People, and even ABC Brides, meaning their work is nothing short of perfection.

PhotoByReem captures every essence of wedding photography, providing couples with unique photo poses, dress code, venue, and decor ideas. The page has a decent following of about 216,000 followers and 1100 posts that are a sight for sore eyes. 

Tom Bachik: Nail-Art Ideas

Finding nail art inspiration for your big day down the aisle can be incredibly difficult, especially if you don’t do your nails regularly. But, with pages like Tom Bachik, you don’t even need to break a sweat. Tom Bachik is a renowned manicurist with top clients like Selina Gomez and Jennifer Lopez.

On the ‘gram, Tom Bachik has 548,000 followers, routing for his impeccable nail artwork. From simple short nail art to fancy glitters and glam on acrylic nails, Tom Bachik has you covered for wedding nail art inspiration.

AlanaJonesMann: Unconventional Wedding Cakes

An unconventional wedding cake is one of the best markers of an unconventional wedding. However, it isn’t easy coming up with a beautiful, never-before-seen wedding cake unless you are on Alana Jones Mann’s Instagram page.

This page is the work of Los Angeles-based designer and baker Alana Jones. On it, you will find some of the most colorful yet eccentric wedding cakes. These cakes even have texture to them. The page gives absolute wedding cake inspiration, and if you can have your idea come to life by ordering directly on the page.

LilyVEvents Lavish Wedding Decor Ideas

LilyVEvents is a glamorous page by a Philadelphia-based wedding event organizing company. The page is home to some works featured in the Grammys, People, Blackbride, and Insideweddings. With over 3900 posts, this page has garnered a following of 218,000 through its sensationally flashy wedding decor ideas. 

This page will give any wedding planner, enthusiast, or couple over-the-top floral decor photography, catering, outfit, hair, and even entertainment ideas. On every post, there are also links to the vendors associated with the items in the photo.

Oncewed: Wedding Fashion Inspiration

Every bride wants to look stunning on their wedding day. That’s why every bride-to-be should at least check out Oncewed. This Instagram page is the motherland of designer wedding dresses, with over 3600 posts showcasing every lace, fabric, and design you can imagine. 

Oncewed is the page you want to visit for wedding fashion and lifestyle inspiration. It gives you all the modern options for wedding dresses, accessories, makeup venues, and wedding decor that you need. It also provided links to vendors who can get you your dream wedding.

100 Layer Cake: All-round Wedding Inspiration

If you need all-round wedding planning ideas, 100 Layer Cake is the page for you. You can join the page’s 444,000 followers to find the best wedding ideas. 100 Layer Cake brings it all to the table. On the page, you will find wedding gown ideas, destination wedding suggestions, and tips on how to plan a wedding.

You will also get the perfect honeymoon ideas, tips on making travel plans, and even suggestions for the perfect elopements. To top it all off, the page gives vendor suggestions for all the wonderful ideas posted.

Putnamflowers: Floral Decor

Putnamflowers is not exclusively a page for floral wedding decor, but it’s among the most impressive pages for flower design. The first intriguing aspect about this page is that it doesn’t have your usual daisies and roses in most flower setups. 

Instead, Putnamflowers explore rich floral and greenery designs. The page has 353,000 followers and 3000 beautiful floral designs for your wedding venue and bridal bouquet. It is also an Instagram-verified page, further boosting its credibility. 

Junebug Weddings: Simple Wedding Ideas

Are you tired of the same old wedding ideas? Does something less standard fit your idea of a perfect wedding? If your answer is yes, Junebug Weddings is a page you want to visit. 

This Instagram page is all about reinventing weddings. It scrapes away the myth that weddings have to be lavish events and paints them in a more simplistic yet unbelievably beautiful light. The page has 564,000 followers and almost 8000 posts with unique ideas like how to dress up for a court wedding, backyard and AirBnB weddings, and even elopement. 

Ulyana Aster Bridal: Bridal Hairstyle Inspiration

Ulyana Aster is bridal hairstyle royalty. Her page has tons of inspiration for stunning bridal hairstyle ideas. With over 2400 posts, you can explore anything from a simple bun to complex braided hairstyles. This page also has brilliant ideas for hair accessories. You can identify stunning hair clippers, hair bows, and beadwork. 

Miss Hayley Paige: Designer wedding Gowns

Hayley Paige is a leading online bridal shop known for the quality and glamor of its wedding dresses. The brand is the brainchild of high-standing designer Hayley and is known to have dressed multiple celebrities on their wedding day, including Lauren Burnham, Nia Sioux, and Sabrina Bryan.

On the brand’s Instagram page, Miss Hayley Paige has a staggering 1.1 million followers. For uninspired brides and designers, this page will help you get new and vibrant ideas on what is trending in terms of bridal dresses and bridal team outfits. You can also get alluring contrast accessories to pair with the bridal dresses.

Style Me Pretty: Wedding Planning Ideas

Style me pretty is another amazing Instagram page for all things weddings. This explains the page’s impressive 1.1 million following and its 18,000 captivating posts. 

Whatever inspiration you are looking for, as long as it falls within the boundaries of wedding planning and hosting, you will find it on Style Me Pretty. From invite cards, floral decor, rings, makeup, cake, music photography, and wedding gowns, the page leaves no stone unturned. Above all, it is Instagram verified, pushing its credibility over the top.

Brides: Wedding Trends

If you are a bride or wedding enthusiast that wants to know the latest on wedding trends, wedding vendors, and more, Brides should be your go-to Instagram page. Brides offers at least 8900 posts full of wedding ideas and inspiration. Plus, with 1.3 million followers, you can rest assured that the account has catchy and helpful content round the clock.

The Knot: One-Stop-Shop For Weddings

Few pages help you tie the knot as conveniently as The Knot does. This Instagram page with 1.4 million followers is a collection of awe-inspiring wedding photos that offer inspiration right about every wedding detail. The Knot also comes with an app that helps you shop for all wedding items and services you may need, journeying with you all the way to the altar. 

The Wedding Bliss: Overall Wedding Ideas

Wedding Bliss is an Instagram page that lives up to its name. This page is one of the largest wedding-themed pages on Instagram in terms of following, with a staggering 1.8 million followers. The page offers a sprawling list of ideas for all things weddings.

Struggling to get started on your wedding plan? The Wedding Bliss has you covered. Are you stranded on bridal shower ideas? The Wedding Bliss comes to the rescue. Can’t find the right theme for your gift cards, a perfect venue, or the best decor inspiration? Just visit the Wedding Bliss. Simply put, this is a go-to page for any soon-to-be newlywed wedding planner and designer.

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That wraps up my top 21 Instagram pages to follow for wedding inspiration. Are you currently following any of the pages I listed? 

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