Do I Need a Videographer for My Wedding? Is Wedding Videographer Worth the Cost?

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A few decades ago, having a videographer at a wedding would often translate to someone’s uncle lugging bulky equipment around, getting in the way of the champagne toast. And the result? Grainy footage on VCR collecting dust.

So… Do you really need a wedding videographer?  

Short answer – yes, but it’ll cost you.

Thanks to the evolution of video technology, wedding videos these days are known for being a work of art and making your day feel cinematic. Things have come a long way from the camcorder-uncle era, trust me.

Booking a wedding videographer, however, is often still plonked at the very end of a bride’s to-do list, right after choosing between a photo booth, a champagne float, or an ice cream cart.

To help you work out if you should splurge on a wedding videographer, I’ve broken down exactly how to know if having a wedding film is right for you and how much you can expect to pay.

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Things to Consider Before Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Video is a relatively new medium for weddings, but it’s become increasingly popular in the last few years. Around 42% of weddings now involve a wedding videographer.

Just like how reels and short-form videos have taken over the internet and your social feeds, more and more newlyweds are now opting to tie the knot under the watchful eye of a videographer, sharing each moment for their own mini romance flick.  

Let’s face it though, budget is often the decider on whether or not to go ahead with making the booking.

And because a wedding videographer is a newer concept than the other traditional wedding must-haves, priority is placed near the bottom.

Take it from me though, your photos and your videos from your wedding will be with you for the rest of your life, and a good wedding video will be whipped out time and time again, making sure you never forget how you felt on your special day. 

Think of it this way, if a single picture can paint a thousand words, how much is a 5-minute video worth?

How Much Do Wedding Videographers Cost? 

Okay, they aren’t exactly cheap, but you probably already know this already if you are reading this.

While there are of course cost-saving alternatives, like hiring a student or a novice, I recommend opting for a videographer that specializes in weddings and has a large portfolio of happy customers that you can look through. This will make sure you aren’t disappointed when it comes time to see your video.

For an experienced wedding videographer, you are looking at paying between $1,800 – 5,000, which will cover eight to ten hours of footage of your big day.

If you have a bigger budget and want a certain style and length, prices can creep up to well over $15,000 for more luxury wedding packages. Take a look here for some of the most popular luxury wedding videographers in the game right now. 

Why Are Wedding Videographers So Expensive?

I know the struggle of sticking to a budget. When I was planning my wedding, I splurged on the dress and the venue with the hope that I could make it up in other areas, only to agonize over the quotes coming in for my remaining vendors. I did end up booking a wedding videographer but do admit I was shocked at the price.

Here’s a breakdown of why wedding videographers charge what they do.


If they are calling themselves professional wedding videographers this typically means they are experienced and very skilled and what they do. Their craft has taken years to perfect and as we know, there is a lot more to it than just pointing a camera and pressing ‘record’. Sure, your bestie can set up a tripod and point it at your good side while you say your vows, but a videographer is constantly taking into consideration the audio and video quality, has their own lighting, and knows how to handle the pressure of filming very important days.  

Overhead costs

Wedding videographers are normally independent contractors, responsible for paying their levies and taxes.

Added to this are all the extra costs like copyright fees for your music, travel costs, editing subscription fees, and the upkeep and insurance of their expensive camera gear.

So, the price you see on your quote isn’t the amount that ends up in their pocket.


Your friend might be a whiz at pushing the play button, but can she edit like a pro?

Because editing is all done behind the scenes, a lot of the hard work is missed by us. Editing takes a lot of time. Your videographer will need to trim approximately eight hours of footage down into a highlights reel, taking only the best bit and piecing it together till your Rubik’s Cube love story is complete.

What’s Included in a Typical Wedding Package?

First things first, a wedding video package can be completely personalized to your wants and needs.

To make things a bit easier though, wedding videographers tend to offer a few different packages to choose from to cater to different budgets.

Typical variations will include how many hours of footage are recorded, how many videographers are present, how many hours of editing, and the length and format of the finished video.

To show you what your budget could get you, here are some current mid-range packages listed by wedding videographers in the United States.

Barnyard Photography, Delaware

9 Hour Coverage, $1,785.00

  • Coverage for 9 continuous hours of videography
  • Wedding videography highlight video (3-8 minutes long), and an extended cut (15-20 minutes)
  • Turnaround time of 4-8 weeks
  • Standard delivery is a digital download. Add a USB for $50
  • Learn more

JWayne Productions, Houston, Pearland, Lake Jackson

Bronze package – $3,200.00

  • 8 Hours of Coverage
  • 1 Professional Videographer (3 Cameras During Ceremony)
  • 4-7 Minute Edited Cinematic Highlight Edit
  • ​Audio from Ceremony, Toasts, and Letters Included in the video
  • Wireless Mic to Groom, Minister & PA/Venue Speaker
  • Digital Download Link/Online Digital Deliver
  • Learn more

What ‘Extras’ Could I Add to my Package?

When it comes to add-ons, here are some for you to consider:

Drone Footage

Your base package may already include a small amount of drone footage but if you have a venue crying out to be shown off, adding more drone shoots is an easy way to create drama and excitement in your film.

Extended Footage

Maybe you want the full cuts of the speeches or your vowels? You could opt to add in the full uncut Ceremony film or the Reception speeches and first dance.

Extended Highlight Films

Wedding films are normally only a few minutes long, which makes them perfect for sharing via email and social pages. If, however, you loved the footage so much you could consider also adding on an extended cut. A longer cut would be around eight-ten minutes long.

When is the Best Time to Book a Wedding Videographer?

I recommend organizing your venue, photographer, guest list, and catering all well before you book a videographer, but don’t let it fall to the bottom of your list completely.

Booking a wedding videographer should be arranged once all the main details of your day have been arranged and before you get to the smaller details, like the flavor cake and the order of the day.

4 Reasons You Don’t Need a Wedding Videographer

1. You’ve already spent your budget

Hey, it happens. Your wedding will be remembered for how much fun everyone had, not for the lack of a videographer. 

If a film is still something you would like to have at your wedding though, you could consider asking your photographer if they could video some of the day for a small add-on cost.

Photography and videography require quite different skill sets but at least you might get to walk away with some footage of the most special moments, like the moment you both said I Do, and the speeches.

2. Your friend has offered to film your wedding

Think of all the savings! But tread carefully.

If you have a close friend or family member who has offered to be your wedding videographer, I recommend putting aside a day to do a test run. They could turn your engagement photo shoot into a short 30-second video as a trial, then if you decide they aren’t the best fit you still have plenty of time to look for another option.  

I will say though, that it’s often a safer option to put this responsibility into the hands of an outside professional. That way there is no chance of any conflict between you and a friend and they are free to join you all night long on the dance floor rather than having to be ‘on the job’.

3. You’d prefer to spend money on making your grand entrance

If you’re the type that’s dreamed for as long as you can remember of a horse-drawn cart arrival and doing your first dance to Kiss From a Rose then maybe a videographer just isn’t a priority.  

There are so many special touches that can be added to a wedding and it’s important you choose the vendors that resonate most with you and your fiancé. 

4. You don’t want the fuss

Already stressed about the pressure of being the center of attention on your wedding day?

Having a wedding videographer would add to the number of people in the room at any given time, so if you are wanting to keep things as simple as possible, and you’re already cringing at the thought of seeing yourself on screen, maybe a wedding video isn’t for you.

4 Reasons Why Having a Wedding Videographer is a Great Idea

1. You want to remember every detail

Think of your photographer and your videographer as your content ‘salt and pepper’. You can get by with just one, but the combination will always be better.  

While your photographer will make sure your mantlepiece is adorned with your best ‘happy couple’ snaps, your videographer will be sure to capture the way you felt on your special day and the tears, hugs, kisses, and laughter from you and your loved ones. Without getting too mushy here, your wedding video will remind you why your wedding was (maybe) the best day of your life.  

2. Everyone gets to experience your special day

Consider that by having your wedding recorded, you are making it possible for friends and family to still experience your wedding if they can’t be there in person.

3. You will have a record to show your future family

According to The Conversation, many weddings have taken a more modest approach since the pandemic hit. That, coupled with the global rise in the cost of living, has meant the more lavish wedding expenses are being reconsidered.

However, despite this, wedding videographers have only become more popular, with more couples now opting for their wedding to be recorded for prosperity. By having a wedding video created, your future generations will be able to experience your love story.

4. You get to be in control of what content gets shared

With mobile phone cameras now a perfectly acceptable way to make videos, consider a photo ban on your wedding day so you can control what videos and photos are circulated. By investing in a wedding videographer, you can make sure the official wedding video is the only one your friends and family see.

10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

  1.  What is your style of wedding videography?
  2.  Are you available for our wedding?
  3. Will you be shooting with a backup videographer?
  4.  What equipment will you shoot with on the day?
  5. How many weddings have you filmed before?
  6.  Can we see some of your recent work?
  7. Are there any extra costs that we could incur on the day?
  8. When would we receive our film?
  9. Are we allowed a round of edits?
  10.  Are you happy to work alongside our wedding photographer?


Having a wedding videographer at my wedding was a choice I’ll never regret. Sure, it meant I had to give up on a few little extra touches in other areas but seeing my wedding made into a film is something that will stay with me forever.

Yes, they are costly, and yes, they’re a newer trend but hopefully this breakdown has helped you see just what goes into creating a wedding film and why you should consider working a wedding videographer into your budget if it’s important to you.   


What are the different styles of wedding films?

Cinematic – this is the most popular style of wedding video. Think sweeping wide shots, drone activity, and a mix of quick and slow scenes to create excitement and anticipation. This is the most creative style of a wedding film, with the videographer crafting the story themselves, rather than needing to follow a particular sequence.

Tradition – If you would like more attention/longer cuts made on the important parts of the day, like your vowels and speeches, then this could be a better style for you. Though this style is less popular these days, there is still a place for a more traditional style of film.

Documentary – This style will produce a longer film and will focus on interviews to tell your story rather than sweeping shots. If you want to feel like a famous movie star, this could be your film style.

What is the most popular length?

2-5 minutes for a standard, cinematic style wedding highlights film, 30 minutes or longer for a documentary style wedding film.

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